Sundae and Roxy from California
This is not Lucy and Lacy just look alikes!!
When Katie was a pup, we got her at 11 weeks in January. She was always cold when outside. We spend a lot of time walking and the dogs go everywhere with us.  I tried dog sweaters, but with her coarse, stiff hair, the sweater would crawl down her back until she was wearing around her waist.  Also if it happened to rain she was still cold.
I came up with a solution, Polar fleece!  I measured her and made a polar fleece sweater for her.  It worked great, it stayed where it was suppose to and even if it got soaking wet, she was  still warm.
She wears it almost all winter, when she is outside or in the truck.
The sweater covers her chest and belly where she has no hair.The sweater would have to be adapted some for a male dog . 
I would be willing to make these for Pit bulls or Boxers, or any other dog who needs some extra warmth , on a made to order basis.  I now prefer to make the new vest with or without long sleeves as it accommodates a male dog well. 
I would need measurements as follows Chest (largest part) circumference, neck circumference, and length of back from base of neck to base of tail,please measure dog while standing up and only from base of neck to tail,(I need to try and get an accurate measurement in this area to insure the jacket or longjohns are not too long) and the measurement of the distance between front legs.
Please look on the ready made page at the very bottom for fleece fabric available.
Cost will be $40. per vest ,hoodies and longjohns will be $45.extra charge for hoods or sleeves on vest will be $10.00, shipping and handling will be $10.00  combine shipping on two or more sending Priority mail.From now on I will have to ask for payment in advance, as I have trouble with people paying for garments after they are made. Also shipping to Canada will be a different price than above. 
I can accept Paypal, or Money orders . I will accept personal checks, subject to clearing.
Please email me, if you are interested!
Click on button to left
to email me. I have corrected email.
This is a picture of the hoodie jacket.
The same measurements will apply. The cost for this one will be 45.00  plus shipping for priority mail.
My husband calls this her clown suit!!!!! It is one of the hoodies.
If you walk your dog with a harness, the coat can be adapted with a buttonhole for the D-ring to come  through the coat for $2.00  I can also personalize the coat for an extra charge of $5.00 name can be put where  you desire. I also can add any saying you would like..price will be according to size.
Please feel free to visit my other pages. 
This page was last updated on: December 4, 2016
See Katie's regular  sweater below!!!!
Custom embroidered with Pit Bull Logo or your choice.  $5.00 extra.
Polar fleece dog vests
Available xxx-small to x-large xxxsmall will fit a dog under 4 pounds, x large will fit around 70- 85 pounds.
This vest is a large size,  and can be made with longer sleeves. please email me for size measurements.
New longjohns type sweater. Available in xs-xl
Made from fleece..Subject to availability.  Price would be  $45.00 plus shipping.
This is Whitey he lives in California.
He is wearing his new longjohns. Whitey is a big dog he weighs 100 pounds. This will keep him warm on his daily walks. 
Happy Customers
This is Lucy, she is my younger dog. She weighs 49 pounds. 
This is Katie, she is now 14 years old, she weighs 55 pounds. She is wearing a Large vest. Katie passed away on Aug. 2, 2011 at the age of 14years and 9 months. RIP
This is Lacy she is my daughter's dog she is wearing an extra large vest. She is around 70 pounds. 
This is Piglet in her new pink longjohns. Piglet lives in Providence, RI.  She and her mom are involved with Pinups for Pitbulls.See some information shown on Discovery channel.
Also you can check out  They are Miss October 2009
This is Charley  wearing her new red longjohns, she lives in Brooklyn, New York
This is Buster, Spike and Georgia  left to right. They all live in Wisconsin. 
Daddy's Girl !!!
My girls trying out their new longjohns in the snow.
Dutchie and Zorro from LaPine, Oregon Their names on the back and pawprints on the front.
This is Alee in her new Sweater she lives in Vermont
This is a group of dogs from California and their first trip in the snow. The Pitbull and Jack Russel are wearing matching sweaters.
The D measurement is for hats or snoods. 
This is Kelsey she lives in Dewinton, Alberta, Canada
This is Alee's story as written by her owner.
Alee is an Amstaff mix, and was found on the street at 7-8 weeks old. Someone had taken her ears off before she escaped or was let go.  She was most likely intended to be a bait dog. however thankfully her ears are the only scars she has from her first life.  We got her at 6 months (she had been in a private foster home for 2 months, then at rescue for 2 months).  She is the most wonderful, loving animal I have ever had, and I've had everything from fish to snakes and lizard to small furry things to cats.  She is just an amazing animal. 
Not all the longjohns are made for Large dogs, this is an extra small. 
New 2009-2011  pictures
This is Penny from San Jose, California she opted to have a hood on her longjohns.
This is Murphy in his new camo vest. He is from Los Angeles, California
Roxy from New Jersey

Ruger from New Jersey
Roxy and Ruger
Lady from Cincinnati, Ohio
The link above will take you to the page with the vests and longjohns I have already put together. You can chose from these. I cannot duplicate some of the prints as I no longer have some of them.
Einstein from Texas

Stella from Henderson, Nevada
with her new vest and longjohns.
Patches is from Fontana
This is Otto from New York.
He loves his vest!
This is Pojar he lives in Colorado and happy not to be naked anymore!
This is Jehruh,
He lives in Ecinitas, CA
These are some new pictures of Lady
from Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is enjoying
the snow in her longjohns. 
This is Libby she got her pink longjohns last year and her leopard print ones this year, since she moved to Alaska. 
This is Toby from Seattle, Washington
This is Angelo from Texas
This is Moto from Bismark, ND
This is Milo my daughters other dog. He has a new sweater He is 3 1/2 pounds of Chihuahua.
For some available fabrics see Ready made
page access yellow button at top left of this page uncut fabrics are at the bottom of the page
This is Pitty in her new camo she lives in California
This is Bernard from Canada
This is Boss from Lubbock, Texas

This is Bob, he is a 4 1/2 pound Yorkie, he got 4 new vests this winter. He lives in Astoria, Oregon
This is Abby and Jake they live in California
This is Capone and he wanted a suit with black tie!!
This is Seven she is our new little girl, at the age of 9 weeks.
This is Seven with Katie on the left and with Lucy on the right
This is Bella from Los Angeles  California, grandma made the scarf
Please note how this dog is standing. Do your measurements with your dog standing like this.
This is Diesel, he lives in Canada
This is Katy from
New York
This is Precious he is from  Texas
This is Rigya from
Michigan in her new Hoodie.
Larkin Dogs in California
This is Stanley from New York with a vest and longjohns.
This is Duke from Nashville, TN
This is Hawk from Glendale California
Stella, Milo, Saiorse (seer-sha) they are my daughters dogs and like their sweaters!!
This is Donnie from Sacramento, California
Tessie and Burns in Tennessee
Coco and Hooch from Galt,
This fabric is no longer available  Sorry!!
This is Diesel from Tennessee
Nevaeh and Zeus from Baltimore, MD
Marty in his longjohns and vest he is from Port Orchard, Washington
Patton from South Carolina
These three pictures are of Pal, from Astoria, Oregon in his three different outfits
Sadie Mae from North Carolina
Kaben from Nevada
this is my Seven wearing a large vest
This is Marcy in her new vest. She is waiting for a new forever home.  Contact
Ava from Portland, Oregon
Maddy from Maine
From Portland, Oregon
Petie from Pennsylvania
Sky from Maine
This is Morgan from California

Ella and Bitty from Tennessee
Chino and Brie from Bronx, NY
This is Lacy my daughters dog wearing an extralarge vest

Ed from Libby, Montana
Viva  a Vizsla from Pennsylvania
Ziva from California
Raider from Alberta Canada
Shelby from Maine
Rhys and Luca Fredrick, MD
Maura and Gemma Fairfax, VA
Ruckus New York
Abby  from Tennessee
This is Ash in his new vest
Raspberry and Wheeler from Kirkland, WA
This is my Seven modeling for me. She just passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test  November 23, 2013 (3 years old)
Harley from Maine loving the snow
Hannah from Utah
Lucy from Texas
Myla from West Virginia
Rufus from Canada
Duke from Kentucky
Scrappy from Connecticut

Cooper from New York
Fergie from Canada
Zeus from Canada
Butterbeans North Carolina
Sophie from Maryland
In her hoodie
Matching Longjohns New York
Clutch from Phoenix, AZ
Sandy from California
Jozie from Indiana
Hogan from Indiana
Jax from California
Baby Ellie Ella from Maine
Sweetheart from Arizona
Goldendoodle Luci from Astoria, Oregon